About me:

I am a mom to two gorgeous kids and a wife to a workaholic husband. I am a bit of a nomad currently living in Vienna Austria. This is a city full of amazing art, opera and oodles of inspiration! It is my 10th country (so far) and I have to admit I am addicted to moving around (yes my poor kids). I studied and worked in Graphic design after leaving school, then moved (again) and studied photography for a few years, I am still pretty addicted to creating photographs and using the camera to help me understand the world around me. If you want to follow along for photography please check out www.imagesbycassandra.com.

I also studied illustration for awhile in-between having my kiddies and for a long time I wondered how to mix all my create loves together. Then I came across surface design and I fell head over heals in love. Even when I studied and practised graphic design my favourite part was product design.

Nowadays with sites such as spoonflower and society 6 it has become that much easier to create design which can have a life and a purpose. There is nothing better than seeing creations come to life. So I hope you will check out my designs:



Or follow along at www.instagram.com/imagesbycassandra_designs